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Bureau of Vocations for Women (1921)

Bureau of Vocations for Women (1921) published in Directory of Business and Professional Women in Richmond, Virginia, 1921     This published statement outlines the mission and activities of the Bureau of Vocations for Women (originally the Woman’s Occupational Bureau) founded by Orie Latham Hatcher. Hatcher initiated the idea of a school of social work…

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Claiborne, Virginia Spotswood McKenney

Virginia Spotswood McKenney Claiborne (1887 – 1981): activist for women’s education and occupational opportunity, museum director by Alice W. Campbell   The author is grateful to Meg Hughes, Director of Collections and Chief Curator at The Valentine and to Christine K. Vida,  Elise H. Wright Curator of General Collections at The Valentine, for bringing the…

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Hatcher, Orie Latham

Orie Latham Hatcher, Ph.D. (December 10, 1868 – April 1, 1946): educator, pioneer of vocational guidance, founder, Bureau of Vocations for Women, organizer, Richmond School of Social Economy by Laura Crouch, Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries   Orie Latham Hatcher (1868-1946) was an educator and influential advocate for vocational guidance, both for women and for young…

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