War on Poverty 


Pres. Lyndon Johnson and Gov. Terry Sanford pose with the Marlow family in Rocky Mount.
Photo: North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources

  • American Social Policy in the 1960's and 1970'sAs the decade of the 1960s began, the United States had the “highest mass standard of living” in world history.1 The strong American postwar economy of the late 1940s and 1950s continued into the 1960s.
  • Cohen, Wilbur J. : A PerspectiveWilbur Cohen bounded off the plane and down the jet way at Logan Airport. Unlike the other passengers, who were somewhat tentative as they faced the uncertainties of a new city, he did not measure his step. He walked, with determined energy, straight ahead.
  • Hamilton-Madison House: Reaching the Hard Core of Poverty This entry was copied from the original document. It is both a history of settlement work on the Lower East Side of New York City and an excellent example of community organization in a racially diverse neighborhood. This proposal was written in the first year that Community Action grants were being awarded as part of the War on Poverty.