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Logan, Carrie Steele

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Carrie Steele Logan (1829-1900): Child Welfare Advocate and Provider

Carrie Steele Logan
Carrie Steele Logan
Photo: Oakland Cemetery

Carrie Steele worked as an individual to care for abandoned children, first in her own home and later in orphanage she built by selling her house. Her orphan home founded in 1888 still exists today in Atlanta, Georgia as a private institution renamed the Carrie Steele-Pitt Group Home. Mrs. Steele worked as a maid in an Atlanta railroad station. When children were abandoned in the train cars, she began rescuing and caring for them.

Mrs. Steele was not as prominent as Janie Porter Barrett or Fredericka Douglass Sprague Perry and did not use African American club women to help her set up her orphanage.

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