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Nurses Settlement, Richmond, VA – Handbook of Settlements (1911)


201 East Cary Street (August, 1909 -)


NoteThis description of the Nurses Settlement in Richmond, VA is from the Handbook of Settlements written by two settlement house pioneers: Robert Archey Woods and Albert J. Kennedy.  The book included the findings of a national survey of all the known settlements in existence in 1910 and was published by The Russell Sage Foundation of New York in 1911. Other published accounts of Nurses Settlement are listed in the Handbook of Settlements under the heading “Literature.” Links have been provided to facilitate access to those documents.


ESTABLISHED October, 1900, by Miss S. H. Cabaniss and a group of six young women of the graduating Class of the Old Dominion Hospital training school. The founders aimed to do nursing work in the homes of the people and to carry on a neighborhood center. Incorporated 1901. Maintained by the residents.

NEIGHBORHOOD. A needy neighborhood wherein is much bad housing, and a great lack of social opportunity. The people are Russian Jews, Negroes and Americans.

ACTIVITIES. The residents supported themselves by occasional private nursing until the community was educated to the need of their work. Instrumental in organizing the Visiting Nursing Association, the Associated Charities, the playground movement, the Tuberculosis Association, the establishment of a tuberculosis camp, the school nursing service, etc.

MAINTAINS visiting nursing headquarters; kindergarten; mothers’ club (meets in neighborhood); newsboys club; class in home nursing; much informal friendly visiting.

LOCATIONS. 108 North Seventh St., 1901-1909.

RESIDENTS. Women 9 (nurses). VOLUNTEERS. Women 4, men 1. HEAD RESIDENTS. Miss S. H. Cabaniss, 1900-Fall, 1909; Miss N.J. Minor, Fall, 1909-,

Literature. Minor, N.J.: The Nurses’ Settlement in Richmond. Amer. Jour. Of Nursing, Sept., 1902 – The Nurses’ Settlement at Richmond. By Miss Minor and Miss Cabaniss. Amer. Jour. Of Nursing, iii : 624An Old Richmond Tavern as a Settlement House. Charities, xiv : 708 (May 6, 1905) – The Nurses’ Settlement in Richmond, Virginia. Char. and Commons, xvi : 47 (Apr. 7, 1906).


This work may also be read through the Internet Archive.

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